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Book your fundraiser now!

3 Reasons your school should run our fundraiser program:

1. It's easy! Seriously EASY
Email us at with your school's name, mailing address, number of handouts you need and campaign dates.

You will receive handouts and an order form to print and send home.  Families can choose to order by paper OR online.

New this year - we will be sorting all orders for your school.  Simply open the box and send home the orders! 

2. Your school makes money $$
Your school earns 50% from all snack bags sold - that's a huge margin.  We've also added our wet bags and washcloths to this year's program.

3. Reduce litter
Thousands of ziploc bags are thrown in the garbage at school every year. Our reusable snack bags make reusing fun and easy.  Rinse out in the sink or machine wash and dry.  Wet bags are great for swimming lessons, book bags, travelling etc. No more leaky plastic bags!

Your school earns up to 50% (retail price before taxes).   

Product                                   School earns
Small/ Wide Snack Bag $8      $4
Large Snack Bag $9                $4.50
Regular Wet Bag $22              $5.50
Washcloths $9.50                    $2.50

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