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About Us

Where it all began:
In 2008, two sisters sewed baby slings for themselves and some friends and became known as the “Sling Sisters” in their small Manitoba community of St. Adolphe.  The business evolved and product options grew to include reusable snack bags and wet bags.
These new eco-friendly products became so popular that the sisters decided to launch a new brand identity as Colibri.  Colibri is the latin root of hummingbird and represents independence, freedom and efficiency.
All Colibri products are proudly manufactured in St. Adolphe, Manitoba where we employ the best local people.  Our facility is located on the second floor of a heritage building that is owned by the local non-profit seniors association. 
Our fundraiser program started in 2012 and has grown to include schools and non-profit organizations across Canada.
Colibri products can now be found in hundreds of retail boutiques across Canada.  Visit for more information.


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