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If you would like to sign up for the 2021/2022 school year, please fill out the link below. 

Here is some more info on our program : 

It's so easy!

We email you a welcome letter, a digital handout, and a link to our fundraising website and parents place their order. Your session will run for 2 weeks before it closes and at that time we will get busy packing your orders. Everything will be mailed to the school in 1 box and each order will be labeled and ready to hand out. 

How much does the school make?

Small Snack Bag - $4

Large/Medium Snack Bag - $4.50

Snack Bag Set - $13

Regular Wet Bag - $5

Organic Cotton Washcloths - $5

Mini Double Duty -$5

Reusable Straws - $4.50

$29 flat rate shipping fee per school

Would you like to sign your school up for the 2021/2022 school year? Click on the link below to get started

Register your school 

 Did you know? We sort and package all orders so you will receive a box with all orders labelled and ready to hand out to students - so easy!

What about taxes?

All products are sold to parents including the applicable taxes for your province. 

How long does it take for orders to arrive?

Once we receive your school's final order, your orders will be delivered to the school in 2-3 weeks.  November fundraisers will arrive well before the holidays.

How do we get started?

Click here to book your school's fundraiser!

Other questions?  Please email us at



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