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It's so easy!

Students take home a handout and order form and collect orders for reusable snack bags from family and friends.  The school collects the order forms and payments (cheques will be made out to the school / PAC) OR families may choose to place their orders online at - they will need to select their school and enter the student's name, grade and teacher.  

How much does the school make?

Small/Wide Snack Bag - $4
Large Snack Bag - $4.50
Regular Wet Bag - $5
Organic Cotton Washcloths $2.50
$29 flat rate shipping fee per school

Register Now!

1. Register your school for an available 2 week session. 

2. You will receive printed handouts and an order form by email to print, send home and sell, sell, sell!

3. Collect all paper orders and payments.  Cheques will be made payable to your school/PAC.  When your fundraiser closes you will receive instructions to submit the paper orders through our online portal.  We take care of the online orders and send you a statement showing all products sold and the school's earnings less shipping charge.

Did you know? We sort and package all orders so you will receive a box with all orders labelled and ready to hand out to students - so easy!

What about taxes?

All products are sold to parents including the applicable taxes for your province. 

How long does it take for orders to arrive?

Once we receive your school's final order you can expect your orders to arrive in 2-3 weeks.  November fundraisers will arrive well before the holidays.

How do we get started?

Click here to pre-book for 2018/19 school year and get a $20 credit for your school!

Other questions?  Please email us at



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